Creature Comfort Matting

Ani-Mat is specifically designed for animal comfort. Ani-mat is the modern, hygienic way to line small animal cages increasing animal comfort, cleanliness and safety.

Available in two standard widths, in cut lengths or full 12 metre rolls (Longer custom lengths are available on request). Ani-Mat is both flame and chemical resistant and can be installed in minutes.


Made from flexible food grade PVC in grid formation

Smooth concaved top surface to allow urine to quickly drain away from patient

Increases comfort, cleanliness and safety of animal cages

Open grid construction facilitates drainage and air circulation

Non-porous, therefore inhibits bacteria and will not absorb odours or moisture

Elevates animals from cold surfaces

Practical and easy to remove for cleaning

Widths Available

650mm | 910mm


Smooth top open grid construction facilitates drainage, air circulation and comfort.

Diameter: (W) 8mm (H) 5mm

Distance: 5mm

Colour of bottom tube: As per top section

Distance: 28mm

Technical Details

Weight: 3.63 kg/m²

Gravity: 1.29 g/cm²

Workable Temp: -10° to +60°C

Materials: 100% Flexible food grade PVC. Complies with Australian Standard AS2070. Non-toxic food grade.

Tensile Strength: 15.0N/mm²

Elongation: 320%

Flammability: Classified as resistant to flame DIN 4102 part 1 Classification B2 Limited Oxygen index 20.

  • Excellent drainage and drying function
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be resized easily with secateurs or craft knife
  • Different lengths / widths can be joined with mat clips
  • Resistant against acid, alkali and oil