Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial Matting

With its embossed, slip resistant surface and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial additives Flexirib is the perfect mat for all food production, sport and barefoot applications.

Flexirib is the ideal self-draining, safety matting for all sports and leisure surroundings. It is made from

specifically formulated strong flexible PVC, with uniquely channelled underbars for better drainage of large amounts of water.

Fungal infections are caused by spores that are prevalent in warm ,humid conditions and are common in swimming pools, locker rooms and other sports facilities where people walk barefoot. Flexirib can help prevent the spread of fungal infection.

Available in two standard widths, in cut lengths or full 6 or 12 metre rolls. (Longer custom lengths available on request)


Provides rapid 4 way drainage

Offers excellent slip resistance for bare feet

Delivers comfort and hygiene

Helps prevent injury from slips and falls

Enhances surroundings and is aesthetically pleasing

UV resistant

Made from non-toxic food grade recyclable materials

Widths Available

910mm | 1200mm


Uniquely designed solid underbar sections and embossed top surface combine to provide slip resistance and excellent 4 way drainage.

Diameter: (W) 8mm (H) 5mm

Distance: 5mm

Colour of bottom tube: As per top section

Distance: 28mm

Technical Details

Weight: 5.2kg/m²

Gravity: 1.29g/cm³

Workable Temp: -18° + 60°C

Materials: 100% Flexible low toxicity PVC Phenol free and classified according to AS2070-1999 and CFR21 as suitable for food contact

Tensile Strength: 15.0N/mm²

Elongation: 320%

Flammability: Classified as resistant to flame DIN 4102 part 1 Classification B2 Limited Oxygen index 20.

  • Embossed wave pattern on upper sections provide excellent anti-slip functionality
  • Excellent 4 way drainage function
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be resized easily with secateurs or craft knife
  • Different lengths / widths can be joined with mat clips
  • Resistant against acid, alkali and oil
  • Solid PVC profiles