Hardwearing tubular tread commercial matting

Heronair is designed and manufactured from extremely strong and hardwearing non-toxic food grade PVC. Heronair’s tubular top surface and underbars are designed to create maximum cushion comfort underfoot. Its slip resistant surface constructed in grid formation make it an ideal working surface where water and other liquids are present.

When you’re busy the last thing you want is to stop to clear up a spillage or broken glass or bottle.

Heronair’s cushioned tread not only reduces  reakages but it raises people slightly above floor level, so any spillage will drain through where it can be cleaned later.

Heronair does not absorb water or other liquids and it offers insulation from cold damp floors. It is quick and easy to fit, even into awkwardly shaped areas. It is chemical, oil, alcohol and flame resistant.

Available in three standard widths, in cut lengths or full 12 metre rolls. (Longer custom lengths available on request).


Reduces fatigue from standing on hard floors

Extremely hard wearing and easy to clean

Alcohol, chemical, oil, acid and flame resistant

Prevents glass breakages and improves safety

Excellent slip resistance and open grid design allows liquid to flow through

Suitable for use in the marine industry

UV resistant

Made from 100% recyclable food grade materials

Widths Available

910mm | 1200mm | 1500mm


Strongly welded grid construction provides excellent drainage and protection from cold damp floors.

Diameter: (W) 8mm (H) 5mm

Distance: 5mm

Colour of bottom tube: As per top section

Distance: 28mm

Technical Details

Weight: 4kg/m²

Gravity: 1.29g/cm³

Workable Temp: -10° + 60°C

Materials: 100% Flexible low toxicity PVC Phenol free and classified according to AS2070-1999 and CFR21 as suitable for food contact

Tensile Strength: 15.0N/mm²

Elongation: 320%

Flammability: Classified as resistant to flame DIN 4102 part 1 Classification B2 Limited Oxygen index 20. Self-extinguishing.

  • Deeply etched profiles provide excellent slip resistance
  • Air cushions may help prevent back and joint strain
  • Excellent drainage and drying function
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be resized easily with secateurs or craft knife
  • Different lengths / widths can be joined with mat clips
  • Resistant against acid, alkali and oil