Ultra HI-FLOAT is a nontoxic gel that prevents air escaping through the walls of a latex balloon and extends its float life.

When treated with Ultra Hi-Float a 12” latex balloon will float an average of 25 times longer than a non-treated balloon! (Note: float times for pearl and metallic balloons are about a third less than for standard coloured balloons) It takes several hours for ULTRA HI-FLOAT gel to dry completely, so it is recommend that you allow your inflated balloons to dry for a couple of hours before handling them.

Key Features:

  • Balloons can be inflated a day in advance
  • Non-irritating, non corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable. (It is very similar to the adhesive found on the back of postage stamps)
  • Able to be re-dissolved / returned to its natural consistency if (due to excessive age or having been frozen) it has become thick
  • Easy to clean as HI-FLOAT is completely soluble in water, even after it has dried.
  • The shelf life of HI-FLOAT is at least a year for unopened bottles and at least three months for opened bottles.

Ultra HI-Float is not suitable for use in Foil balloons as they are not buoyant enough and will not float when treated.

Ultra Hi-Float Balloon

Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment Kit

This kit contains:

  • 16 fl oz Ultra Hi-Float (treatment for 100 12” balloons)
  • Pump Dispenser
  • Detailed instruction sheet

Ultra Hi-Float Gel

Available in two convenient sizes.

710ml bottle – treats 141 12” balloons

2.48 litre bottle – treats 567 12” balloons

Requires Hi-Float Pump Kit to dispense into balloons.

Hi-Float Pump Kit

This reusable kit contains:

  • A plastic pump dispenser
  • Detailed instruction sheet
  • A plastic extension tube (Required for 2.48 litre bottle only, the 24-oz. bottle does not need the extension tube.)
  • A set of restriction clips - used to control the amount of HI-FLOAT dispensed. Using less will shorten the balloons’ float time. Not adding the full recommended amount also makes it difficult to get an even coating inside the balloon and can cause balloons to look hazy.
  • A red cap to keep the HI-FLOAT in the pump nozzle from drying and clogging the pump

Fits 2.84 litre & 710ml bottles and suits all sizes of latex balloons.

Hi-Float Transport Bag

100 Bags per roll, 30” x 10” x 66” (76cm x 25cm x 168cm) Ventilated to allow Hi-Float treated balloons to dry properly.

Ventilated so air can circulate around the balloons and allow the Hi-Float coating to continue drying.

Printed with balloon care and Hi-Float care instructions.

Each bag will transport 15 x 12”(30cm) latex balloons






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