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Inflating Latex Balloons

A correctly inflated balloon will appear round and will float upright.

Overfilling balloons stretches the latex and allows gas to escape more quickly, it also makes them harder to tie off. Under-filling affects the spread of colour over the balloon, and will severely affect the flying time.

Inflating Giant Balloons

Inflating Giant balloons is just like inflating standard latex balloons – just on a larger scale! The Prestige range of Giant Balloons are able to be inflated with hand-pumps however it is much quicker and easier to use an electric inflator - an electric inflator is highly recommended for our 120cm Giant!

The only key to successful inflation of Giant Balloons is simple – ensure the mouth of the balloon is closed tightly around the valve of the pump. Due to the size of these balloons it is difficult to gauge the inflation level, so it is useful & recommended that a second person is involved in the process.

A quick guide for usage amounts of Ultra HI-FLOAT in Giant Balloons:

Inflating Mylar Foil Balloons

Foil balloons should be filled so that the shape of the balloon is apparent BUT there is still some give in the side of the balloon when pressed. If the balloon is filled so that it is tight, a seam is likely to burst and the balloon will either pop or slowly leak.

Inflating Novelty and Heart shaped balloons

To make inflation easier stretch the un-inflated balloons length-ways by hand. Lightly cover the part of the balloon nearest to the neck with your hands so that the air is initially forced into the furthest part of the balloon. For heart balloons it is advisable to inflate the body of the balloon first, release the air and then fully inflate the balloon. The top points of the heart should not be over inflated in order to avoid the body of the balloon bursting.

Hand Pump

An economical & hygienic way to inflate your balloon.


Electric Air Inflators

These make inflating your balloons quick and easy. They are compact, portable and easy to use.

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