Latex Balloons

Prestige latex balloons are of the highest quality and come in a range of over 30 vibrant colours. Packed in bags of 25 pieces and 100 pieces, the balloons are 12” or 30cm in diameter when inflated and are an attractive round shape.

Prestige premium quality latex balloons consistently perform better whether filled with air or helium. They have a more uniform shape and size, are less likely to break, and the neck is longer to allow easier tying off.

All Prestige balloons are helium grade quality and 100% biodegradable. When balloons are filled with helium they will last for 8 – 12 hours so it is advised that you inflate them on the day they are required and store them out of direct sunlight until you need them.

Colour options

With 5 different colour finishes we have made it easy for you to choose the right colour balloon for your event, there is also a PMS number stated for a more accurate colour match.


These are the most common colours used and are non transparent.


These are bright modern funky colours and are non transparent.


These have a metallic fleck which gives them a shimmery shine finish and are non transparent.


These are bright and transparent; they have a very high gloss look.


These are soft pastel colours which give a beautiful pearled look and are non transparent.


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